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Closed for Cleaning

Today, I was barred from the cleaning room, for a while anyway, because of a handwritten sign, "Closed for Cleaning."

The room definitely needs a cleaning, but I love it when the library decides to do these things with no notice. And today is screaming day, so I got to sit through that in periodicals.

After a while, though, two library workers I've never seen before toured through the quiet room with wrinkled noses. They pushed a chair or two and left looking unsatisfied taking their sign with them.

I don't know if the cleaning didn't go well or didn't happen at all. It looks the same to me - discarded snacks from last summer are still crumbled in the floor boxes, dead bugs litter the window sills, and I'm sure there are enough pubes in the carpet to reform several people, not to mention the coffee spills and pencil eraser shavings.

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