October 3, 2018

Today, a young woman came into the quiet room, and I could tell just by her entrance that she would be annoying.

You can tell a lot by how someone comes into the quiet room. If they are careful with the handle and open the door slowly, they care about preserving the quiet. On the other hand, if they grab the handle and fling the door open, they probably like being noticed as they enter a room, and the quiet is probably going to...

September 14, 2018

Today, I shared the quiet room with The Dick. I don't have a more clever name for him because I've only seen him once before, and no other moniker better describes him.

He just has that arrogant jut of his chin, lid of his eyes, and swagger of his hips, the way he bangs his stuff around and slams the furniture. And he pulls the 'comfortable' chairs and a table to the center of the room for his own benefit. At least last time, I...

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I write in the quiet room at my public library. Sometimes people don't follow the rules, so my wife suggested I blog about it.

(She doesn't read it either.)

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