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Make an Entrance

Today, a young woman came into the quiet room, and I could tell just by her entrance that she would be annoying.

You can tell a lot by how someone comes into the quiet room. If they are careful with the handle and open the door slowly, they care about preserving the quiet. On the other hand, if they grab the handle and fling the door open, they probably like being noticed as they enter a room, and the quiet is probably going to bother them more than foster a sense of contemplation and productivity.

This woman today yanked the handle down and let the metal bounce back with a ka-chunk and shouldered the door open like an impediment. She had a plastic bag with a salad inside from some fast food restaurant and made a big production of opening it, putting on the dressing, and getting her nest just right. Every movement was punctuated by the rustling of the plastic bag, the crunch of lettuce and croutons, or banging a box full of pencils and pens. Nothing to warrant an ejection from the quiet room but annoying.

I can usually tell what kind of person it's going to be without looking up. I wish I had a big red ejection button. That would be rad.

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