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About Carlen Vigo

Carl grew up and lives in Kentucky. He went to college in Alabama and was an Air Force officer for a time. He did graduate work at the University of Iowa in linguistics and was a teacher for the better part of a decade.

When he lost his job, Carl decided to do what he always wanted: write. He likes to think of himself as the hero character in a sitcom that pursues their dream no matter the obstacles as opposed to the overweight, unemployed househusband a la Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom.

He walks dogs in his spare time.

"The Hero" - The Colored Lens: Spring 2020

"The Last War" - Tidbits: One Page Stories, Wishes

"The Vegetarian Meal" - Colp: Sky's the Limit

"The Waddy Werewolf" - Waxing and Waning, Issue 3

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