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Mr. Redneck

Today, Mr. Redneck came back. I neglected writing about him yesterday because I hoped he was just passing through.

He sprawls over a table, wraparound sunglasses on his head, looking pissed off to be here. I imagine he thinks libraries are for nerds. He made a big show of popping open a tall energy drink (even though only covered drinks are allowed). He also laughed out loud at something on his laptop and took a phone call. Granted, he eventually stepped outside, but still. It was a while.

The strangest thing about Mr. Redneck is his mouse. It has the loudest clicks I've ever heard, like he suped it up to be really baddass, a mouse to blow the others off the line. I just can't fathom why this mouse is so damned loud. Being in an otherwise quiet room makes a difference, I'm sure, but it makes me self-conscious about my own little travel mouse.

Today, he's back looking just as unhappy to be here, but he's reading a book in between mouse blasts. He has another uncovered energy drink, and he's added vaping to his repertoire, sucking on it like a lover, making the room foggy like a spooky graveyard. If I didn't like the guy before, he hasn't added any endearing qualities today.

It doesn't help that he takes my spot.

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