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Today, a bluegrass band set up in periodicals just outside the quiet room. This meant the quiet room ended up storing some of the extra furniture, and I got a free live show while I wrote. I'm not sure why that location and not one of the larger rooms.

The music didn't interrupt the daily function of the magazine and newspaper section, though. A small old lady pushed aside a piece of equipment and asked the ladies to step aside so she could access the July issue of Vogue.

Big Blue wasn't happy (although he's always pretty surly). Upon seeing the band, he let out a loud, "Aw shit." He retreated into the quiet room with a newspaper, slapped the pages around for a minute and left.

The ladies of the band played for about an hour with pauses to explain bluegrass and their instruments to the gathered children. There were five musicians: upright bass (the doghouse), fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and banjo. It was a nice excuse not to write and just watch the show.

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