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Today, the quiet room was pretty busy. I had taken a couple days to write at home in sweatpants, so I know they missed my strict enforcement of the quiet room rules.

Mister Movies was there studying. No movies today.

An old lady that always comes with her husband to read in the magazine area came in to do a crossword puzzle. They are a pretty cute couple.

A young studier also came in. We shared a laugh during the summer when a lady fell asleep and started snoring. Today, he started watching a video without his headphone actually plugged in. This happens a lot and is super annoying.

When I first got there, an older man I haven't seen in a while was there reading. The first couple times I saw him, he fell asleep while reading and starting snoring really loud. He stayed awake today but was overcome with several coughing fits. After the first, he excused himself. I thought that was nice. After a few more, he started cursing really loud to himself. He finally left, but I could still hear him coughing outside. I hope he didn't die.

He's an interesting guy because he wears heavy work boots, a green John Deere hat, and uses these reading glasses that you see on librarians in the 60's, kind of cat-eye shaped. I think he reads the same book every time, but I'll have to pay more attention next time. I like to imagine that he comes to read in secret, a real prideful old-school guy whose friends/family would think he's a sissy for reading. Like this is his secret refuge from a life of hard manual labor. I could be wrong.

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