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Today, the quiet room was closed, and I had to sit out in the periodicals like an animal.

Now I get to stare at a dozen of those blue corporate chairs with no arms designed for the most rudimentary definition of 'sitting.' The room is completely empty, btw. Did they close the room just to have a space to store the chairs? WTF, public library. wtf

The modern public library is not the silent, musty place where dust gathers on leather-bound books on worn wooden shelves that I remember from childhood. There are no dark places where ghosts haunt and children can get lost. No, the modern public library is a brightly-lit, cacophonous space where families can run wild, community meetings take place, and conspiracy theorists can make tin foil hats together while they debate how much control the deep state has over their lives.

And I get to listen to it all while the quiet room is used for chair storage.

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