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January 2, 2018

Today, in the quiet room it was cold. And dark. Kind of like outside.


The light switch is hidden behind some kind of techno-security or maybe motion-activated. Either way, I couldn't turn on the lights, and I guess I just don't move enough to be registered as a life form.


The little digital thermometer said it was 61 degrees when I got there, 63 by the time I left. Warmer than 10 degrees outside but come on.


Mr. Movies has developed a habit of coming in, getting settled, then leaving 5 minutes later abandoning a huge stack of DVDs. I suspect he's actually part of quality assurance and wants to make sure the librarians really know where everything goes.


A lady came in to wrestle with a newspaper and never took off her coat or lowered her hood. While she punched and flattened the paper, I thought about burning her for warmth.

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