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Outside the Glass

The quiet room has been pretty uneventful lately, but the rest of the library can be pretty interesting. Sometimes I feel like a monkey in a zoo in the quiet room with the large windows and occasional high traffic. It's nice to look out and observe the observers. Plus, there isn't much screen privacy, and I see a lot through the windows.

There's YouTube Mike. He always watches how-to videos on his laptop. I mean, like hours and hours of instructional videos. I imagine he opened a handyman business or repair shop without actually knowing how to fix things. It could be the setting of a pretty funny sitcom.

I've seen The Mad Hatter almost every day I've been in the library, sometimes taking a quick bath in the restroom sink. He always wears a hat, either a baseball cap or a Santa hat lately. I call him Mad based on my ignorant assumption that all homeless people suffer from some sort of mental illness. He has a laptop, though, and uses it to look at naked ladies on the internet. Not porn so much as page after page of Google Images of naked ladies.

I call The Mad Hatter's friend The Watcher because he always stares at me. He probably thinks I'm doing the same thing to him.

Big Blue comes in every day to read the paper and drink coffee. He's kind of surly with a pinched frown that reminds me of a ventriloquist dummy. I call him Big Blue because he always wears a University of Kentucky pullover with some other UK shirt underneath.

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