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Today, the quiet room wasn't as quiet as it had been for nearly a week. For a while, if it wasn't completely empty, only hard-working, rule-respecting people were there. What am I supposed to complain about, people?

I think an old man was testing how many clicks his mouse had in it before it failed. He was wearing a wind breaker, so every swipe of the mouse came with a whoosh! sound effect like in a comic book. Maybe he was fighting internet crime.

Another man was very happy to see one of the regulars, an African nursing student who comes to study sometimes. How do I know he was happy? They had a very intense whispered conversation until my dirty looks made them go outside. I know the student is African by his accent, but the nursing student thing is a complete guess on my part.

Also, Tuesdays must be when they teach the children how to scream.

With the quiet room to myself so much these days, I'm a little paranoid that someone else has started a blog about the hard-nosed guy with the laptop who's taken over the one oasis of quiet in the library. Naw.

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