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A Voyage Long and Strange

(A post from the archives)

Day 30 (of 30) Have you ever done something besides eat and go to the bathroom for 30 days straight? Now I have reached the goal I set for myself 30 days ago. It seems like so long ago. Back then, I was just coming out of my fog from watching too much TV and being complacent in my spare time. I was just re-finding the things that make me a man-child and happy: comic books, video games and as much silliness as the day will allow. Most importantly, I've found my creative spark again. I have somewhat pushed my fear of failure aside and realized that not everything I do has to be perfect; it can't be. I'm beginning to be okay with that. I'm okay with failure in photography because it's just a hobby, and digital film is practically free. A mistake costs me almost nothing, and I can shrug off most ridicule. Writing is different for some reason. I've been so set on perfection that I haven't written anything. How can one fail if one never tries? I hope I've snapped out of that. Now, watching TV for hours and hours isn't really an option: the cable company turned off all those channels we'd been getting for free. That is a blessing for me, but a pretty big disaster for my wife. I'm curious to see how long it lasts. I've also re-discovered some video games I haven't seen for a while. It's what I enjoy, so why fight it? The difference, I hope, will be that writing is now a habit that won't be eclipsed by hobbies. Going to the gym is the same for me; it's such a habit that missing even one day is unacceptable. I just hope I can keep the metaphorical weight off this time. We've had some ups and downs, good photos & bad and stories that went nowhere, constant reader. I've gotten some attention for both, bless you. Some of you surprised me with your own writing. Some of my favorites are Alica, Ben,Danielle, Brecca and Cindy, the original blogger (if she ever pays her web rent). I hope you keep it up. I have learned that there are things you do every day and things you don't; which one is your dream? I'm going to take some much-needed rest, but I will be back next week ready to flex my new writing muscles. I hope to see you then.

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