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Six-Word Story

(A post from the archives)

Day 23 (of 30) I found this site today: Six Word Story Every Day. It's a great idea with some pretty nice artwork. Each six word phrase/title conjures up as rich of a story as you can imagine. Some are famous lines from movies or songs, but many are completely original, as far as I know. I thought it sounded like a nice writing challenge, so I tried to come up with as many of my own six word stories. This is what I came up with: she awoke that morning with wings a trapdoor in the closet opens her, prettiest alien, he broken-hearted time travel always ends with incest when asked, he thinks of pools my story volume one: who pooped? Mine are obviously not very good. It's a lot harder than it looks, but it's fun. It's amazing how many you can come up with if you go do something else and let your mind percolate. I'll probably be thinking of new ones all night.

Alicia, "these are awesome. I'm going to try it for myself. This one by Hemingway is perfect: For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.

Me, "Gotta go and drop a Hemingway bomb on me. :)"

Ben, "'Twelve Angry Men and a Baby.' A light hearted comedy about twelve angry jurors making a life or death decision while caring for one juror's love child abandoned on the doorstep of the jury room."

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