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August 3, 2012

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In 2008, when I decided to move to Iowa, I got a lot of strange looks from people. "Iowa?" they asked. "What's in Iowa?" For me, it was one of two grad schools where I was accepted, the other being Colorado-Boulder. The Linguistics department...

March 30, 2011

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Day 8 (of 30)

I recommend everyone ride the bus every day. It's good for the environment, and it exposes you to parts of humanity you might otherwise never encounter. I'll admit, it's not the most convenient mode of transportation, and you'd...

September 10, 2010

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This post may border on TMI, so be forewarned.

I have to be honest, I have a secret fear of using a handicap stall and having a person in a wheelchair come into the bathroom while I'm mid-poop. This is something I think about probably more t...

September 1, 2010

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Every morning I take the bus in to work. My usual driver is a quiet, silver-haired man I affectionately call Surly Bruce. I overheard on the radio that his actual name is Bruce, so that part isn't too inventive.

Every morning, I greet him by...

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